ChocBox Staff

Chelsey Grimley - Managing Director

A motivated and hardworking team player. Inspires great loyalty and demonstrates outstanding leadership skills in all her endeavours.

Helena Chapman - Secretary

An outstanding student, with exceptional academic awards to her name. She demonstrates excellence in all she does.

Thomas Mansell - Finance Director

Achieved one of the highest pass marks for GCSE Mathematics in the Burton area. An excellent delegator and capable leader.

Danielle Easton - Marketing Director

A creative and energetic leader. Full of innovative ideas and leads her team with great spirit.

Jake Mander - IT Director

A true IT Geek and Genius. Mark Zuckerberg watch out!

Ellie Nicholson - Human Recources Director

A quiet but authorative voice in a spirited and energetic team. A respected figure who keeps everyone on their toes.

Jack Deeming - Production Director/Assistant Managing Director/Sales

At the forefront of product design, sourcing components and organising his team effectively.

Amy Meaking - Sales Director/Marketing

An idea person, has the ability to think outside the box – even The ChocBox.

Kirby Treadwell - Marketing

Has taken a lead role in our market research, feeding ideas into the development of the product.

Carl Robinson - Sales

Has a quiet authority when it comes to product development, and a keen eye for detail.

Duncan Adams - Marketing

Our Artist.

Grace Hallam - Marketing/Media Administrator

Grace has taken the lead role in organising fund raising events across both schools and sixth form centre.

Jamie Hughes - Sales

A Business Studies student with a keen entrepreneurial interest.

Milosz Dura - IT

An outstanding ICT student, who achieved outstanding results at GCSE, has already made websites for several local organisations.

Bartek Adamczyk - IT

Planning, Co-Ordination and Logistics are his speciality. All done in a calm and confident manner.

Katherine Vernon - Administration

Our administrative hub. Plans our meetings, allocates tasks and distributes minutes.

Alex West - Finance

Cash Flow Manager, with responsibilities for managing the cash.