The ChocBox

Our product is a box of chocolates, nothing innovative about that? You would be wrong.

We began to look at product ideas with a group brain storming exercise. We used post it notes to jot ideas down and then began the process of funnelling these ideas down into potential products that we may be able to manufacture or source. We came up with several different ideas, including computer spares and re-builds, buying and selling second-hand CDs, vintage or retro furniture, organising events, personalised mugs, phone accessories and chocolate making kits.

We conducted some research into the logistics of producing the products within our original ideas. It became obvious that some of the ideas were not practical for us to complete, either for financial reasons or logistical reasons. We also concluded that some of the products were not original and did not excite us, therefore we discussed what product really excited us, and as a group we agreed to proceed with Chocolate Kits - this became "The ChocBox".

Our product began its life as a way to create your own chocolates; however we understood the requirement to stay within food hygiene requirements. Therefore, we sought expert advice from "Revolution Foods", a local supplier. This company gave us a huge amount of advice and became one of our sponsors. We have negotiated a contract with this company for them to package all of our raw ingredients.

We began to look in detail at what would comprise "The ChocBox". We need the product to be innovative and different to what is currently in the highly competitive confectionary market. To begin with we needed to identify our target audience, who would be buying the product. We quickly decided that we were not in a position to offer a mass market product - but a more expensive premium product charged appropriately. Therefore clearly the purchasers of the product are likely to be adults, however the users and consumers of the product is likely to be children. Therefore we needed a balance between these two different consumer groups.

Our box gives people the opportunity to experiment with chocolate, developing a whole new outlook on our favourite food. The ChocBox gives you a change to make your own chocolate, develop your own flavours, try new ingredients, and new shapes and through our website, blog and social networks share your successes and failures with other chocoholics. Our basic product incorporates the following components:

ChocolatechocolateWe decided that we would offer quality fair trade chocolate if possible. Fair Trade chocolate was an important consideration for us, as this means a fair deal for developing world producers.
SweetssweetsIn order to differentiate our product we wanted to offer our ChocBox with a variety of sweetie fillings for the chocolates.
Chocolate MouldsmouldsIn order to create your own sweets we need to offer our customer some moulds.
BoxesboxesYou cannot have a ChocBox without a box! We will endeavour to use recycled cardboard when possible for our boxes in an effort to protect the environment.
PackagingpackagingIn order for our product to stand out in a sales environment, we need to package it professionally. Again using recycled products where possible.
Recipe CardsrecipeWe intend to provide a comprehensive instruction guide and serving suggestions / recipes within our ChocBox.

Our product offers our customers fun and excellent value for money.